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Maeve has extensive experience in project management. Since its establishment, the organisation has implemented different projects ranging from livelihoods, item distribution and humanitarian.

Currently, the organisation is implementing livelihoods projects in Machinga, Zomba and Dedza with funding from Irish Aid and EnDev.


The organisation has an active M and E department which has been in action since its establishment. The organisation conducts review meetings quarterly while monitoring is done monthly.

These are done as internal conol check of the activities being implemented to ensure that they are on track and that the intended goals are being achieved.

The organisation mostly operates in rural areas where information is limited. Hence, project participants are supported with a number of training depending with the activities they are involved in. Thus, financial and literacy training is conducted for participants of solar and stove Enterprise, NRM training for Natural Resource Management Communities at Village level.

The organisation also conducts women empowerment and gender training in-order to mainstream gender in its activities.



These are specifically implemented in-order to increased household income for the project participants. The organisation has a vibrant marketing department which supports the participants by bridging the producer and end user gap. Mostly this is achieved through a number of marketing strategies which are aimed at both village and national level. 

So far the organisation has 12 well established solar energy kiosks and 51 stove production groups across Malawi.